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Warehouse PVC Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains

Manufactured using a stainless steel hook on rail system and ready to install to any requirements or openings, our PVC curtains offer a high degree of visibility. Once measured and ready for fitting, the curtains we provide can be face-fixed or reveal fixed to suit your needs.

PVC curtains are an ideal choice for two main reasons. Having excellent visibility, it allows warehouse operatives to see obstacles through entrances and exits. Secondly, they are an excellent insulator from noise and adverse weather conditions. PVC naturally, and quickly, falls shut, preventing loss of heat or cold depending on the purpose, when someone passes through. In a refrigerated area, strip curtains can therefore be an ideal solution with the PVC unaffected by the low temperatures.

Our strip curtains are available in standard (clear), welding (green), or ribbed grade PVC.

As standard, our curtains have the following properties:

  • Available in 200mm x 2mm, 300mm x 3mm and 400 x 4mm strips.
  • Strips of PVC hung individually from steel hooks on a rail for external or internal use.
  • Overlap adjustment can be either 25%, 50% or 100% dependent on application.
  • Made specifically to fit an exact door frame size.
  • For pedestrian and/or motorised use.
  • Clear visibility from inside and outside of the building.
  • Edges are rounded to prevent cutting and/or snagging.