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Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are ideal for protecting all sorts of commercial and domestic buildings. It can also be made to fit almost all types of windows and doors. With an clean and efficient appearance, they are easy to use and have a top of the range finish.

  • Made in 37mm or 44mm extruded lath or a foam-filled aluminium lath.
  • Foam fillings aid greatly with insulation.
  • Aluminium slimline boxes give the shutters a discreet feel when on the building.
  • The main part of the shutter can be integrated into the building's brickwork. This makes the shutters tamper proof from the outside, increasing security.
  • Colour coated reinforced head plate.
  • A complete box is available to conceal the rolling mechanism. This aluminium box comes powder-coated increasing safety.
  • Aluminium shutters require little maintenance.
  • Smaller shutters can be fitted in into a range of cabinets and bars.
  • Available as standard in white or brown. They are, however, available in a range of BS or RAL colours when powder-coated.

Variable Options

  • With a rocker or key switch or a remote control, electrical movement of a shutter can be made at the flick of a switch.
  • As standard, auto locks are fitted to all electric shutters.
  • Multiple operations can be made through a group command.
  • Extruded lath shutters can also be open punched or punched and glazed with polycarbonate inserts to give visibility through shutter when closed.
  • Shutters can be placed externally and controlled from inside and outside the building. When fitted internally, they can be controlled from inside only.