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Our Recent Projects

Over the last 20 years of professional and dedicated service, our company has been at the forefront of shutter and door installations. As a way of showing our quality and standards, we have put together this gallery for you to browse through and gain insight into what we offer at Central Shutters and Doors.

By clicking on an image, it will open up in a pop out window for you to see it more clearly and to allow you to get the best possible view of our recent works.

37mm Extruded Aluminium Shutters
37mm Extruded Aluminium Brick Bond Punched
Standard 75mm Plastisol Coated Industrial Shutters
PVC Strip Curtain Refrigeration Unit
77mm Roller Doors Woodgrain Finish
PVC Strip Curtain Personal Door
Standard 75mm Galvanised Steel Shutters
7mm Roller Door White Finish
Farm Foods Supermarket Front Shutters
Farm Foods Supermarket Side Shutters
Greggs Bakery Shutters
Costa Cafe Shutters